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Welcome to SAFONA...

Ö A place that offers small alpaca breeders the opportunity to learn and share from one another.†

SAFONA is a dedicated group of small farm alpaca owners working together to promote, educate, support and provide marketing opportunities to the small alpaca farms of DE, MD, PA, NJ, NY, VA and WV.

SAFONA members understand not only the value of breeding and selling ARI (Alpaca Registry, Inc) alpacas, but also the need to promote and sell our American alpaca fiber and alpaca products.

So whether you are looking for your first alpaca or additions to your existing herd, are in need of fiber or finished products, we invite you to visit our web site.† If you are interested in a farm visit feel free to contact our members.† We just love showing off our alpacas!

The Lore of Fiber Newsletter


Did you know that SAFONA is home of the Lore of Fiber Newsletter?

Celebrating itís one year anniversary in January, 2013, The Lore of Fiber Newsletter was created by a few SAFONA members.† With a passion for fiber and a desire to spread the word about alpaca fiber (as well as other natural fibers), four ladies put their heads together and created this newsletter with the hopes of sharing their love of fiber with others.† What started out as a newsletter going out to just a few now has a circulation of† over 1300 readers and continues to grow.

Our newsletter covers everything from knitting to weaving and many things in between.† We have since added two new contributing writers who have brought valuable information on the art of spinning and weaving.

These are exciting times for the fiber arts world and we are pleased to be a part of it.



Interested in sampling our Winter 2013 issue?† Click here:† The Lore of Fiber Winter 2013†††††††††